Prarthana Raman B.P.T.,

Prarthana Raman, Founder & Director of Feminity Physiotherapy @feminitypt provides you the best physiotherapy care right to your home. It is currently serving its care only to female patients in Chennai, India.

​We go on with initial assessment on appointment and takes all possibilities to work on with best therapy care on the following sessions.

​Prarthana is an expert in manual therapy and hands-on technique. She provides rehabilitation for neurological disorders, various orthopaedical conditions and post-surgical rehabs. She has great skills in prenatal exercise and fitness. She is also expert in special children development and their care. As a specialty for womanhood, she has done various research on PCOD, stress urinary incontinence etc.  

Since graduation she has worked in private practice treating patients with variety of disorders.

She is currently working in V- Excel Educational Trust with a focus on special children care.

​She had a great desire to work with female patients because of their complex biological process and bridge the gap in the healthcare system for female and bring in their empowerment.

She goes on with saying

"Sometimes to get moving again it can be very painful but if you stop moving you will get struck"