Why women's health is upcoming spotlight in India?

Health is an important factor that contributes to human well-being and economic growth. Women in India, faces multitude of health problems that basically affect the national economical growth and output. India is one of the worst country to have gender inequality, due to which there is an increased maternal mortality rate, adolescence fertility rate, reduced educational achievements and reduce work force participation.

Gender becomes an important factor for accessing the healthcare facilities in India. Poor healthcare system, illiteracy and unreported cases of illness are most important criteria.

Most common health issues faced by women are

- Malnutrition and Anemia

- Breast cancer

- Lack of care in Maternal Health and menstruation taboo

- Cardiovascular diseases

- Ovarian cancer

- Mental health

How can we control them?

  • Proper education and awareness.

  • Good hygiene and sanitation.

  • Removal of taboo.

  • Grabbing a good helping hand.

  • Regular health monitoring through screening.

  • Regular proper balanced intake of diet.

  • Regular physical activities.

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